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Common Questions

Our mission is to make the custom home building experience one of excitement and organization, and with a focus on meeting your financial requirements. To help accomplish this mission, we believe the more informed you are - the more likely we will meet or exceed your expectations, and the more likely your building experience will be a positive one about which you will tell your friends and neighbors.

We've assembled this list of frequently asked questions as these are the issues that generally surface before, during and after the building process.

How does a builder allowance work?

Instead of the builder selecting items for the buyer the amount of money is calculated to furnish and install whatever product is appropriate for the home style and price range of home. The buyer can then go to the supplier designated by the builder and make selections based on buyer's taste and budget. If buyer wishes to upgrade items, then any monies for selections in excess of allowance are paid for by home buyer to the supplier at time of purchase. Conversely, if selections cost less than the builder allowance, a credit is due buyer.

How do extras and upgrades work when there is no allowance?

These are payable in full before builder places order for the materials.

What does the SEER rating on HVAC systems specify?

It is a measure of system efficiency. The higher the number the more efficient the system.

Building a New Home

About how long will it take to build a custom home from the time a contract is written to the time the house is ready to be occupied?

Many factors contribute to the speed with which a house is completed. Weather plays a large role and this element is often difficult to predict. Generally it takes about 6 months from the time a contract is signed and a house is ready for occupancy. Wet, snowy weather will cause delays. Also, the speed with which the new homeowner chooses fixtures and finishes will often dictate the extent to which the build process remains on schedule.

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